The Baby Games

At some point in the past couple weeks, Abigail stopped being a newborn and became a baby.

I don’t know what the official difference between the two are, but the most important one is she seems to have a sense of fun now. There are things she likes doing, and is capable of doing now that she can hold her head up for longer than five seconds.

She likes being on the floor and rolling to her belly. She likes making loud noises with her mouth. She likes standing, with some support. She likes Baby Blastoff (3…2…1… Bbbbbbbbbaby Blastoff!!!! *whoosh noises*). She likes playing with her frog ball and her monster rattle and her caterpillar. She likes sitting up and looking around. She interacts with people.

All in all, she’s becoming a little human, and that’s weird. Somehow I expected the newborn phase, where she just kind of ate, slept, and pooped to last longer. There’s so much time prepping for this baby to come into the world, time and money, and she grows out of everything in three months? That doesn’t seem right.

She’s grown out of her newborn clothes. We had to take her diapers out a notch. She can’t be swaddled anymore because she rolls. All the money and mental energy we spent preparing to have a newborn, and now someone replaced our newborn with a real baby.

Anyways, time for more Baby Blastoff. *whooshes away*