Baby update

I’m going to do this post I’ve been meaning to do for a few weeks instead of work on my NanoWrimo project. Yay procrastination!

So, what’s been going on with Abigail? This girl is growing, that’s what. Since I last updated, the biggest thing is she started walking. She was taking a few steps for a week or so, then one morning I set her on the floor and she just decided to she was going to walk across the living room. She’s getting better and better at it too, though she is not a big fan of performing on command.

She’s got four teeth, so is now biting through her solid foods, which is pretty neat.

She’s still a happy baby, still an adventurous baby. She loves racing up the stairs if you give her an opening.

She had a real persistent cold a week ago, and that was miserable. She was constantly congested and full of snot. Nights were the worst. All the sleep training we done went out the window when she would wake up and be completely unable to fall asleep again unless being held upright. Eventually one of us would take her downstairs and fall asleep propped up on the couch while she drips snot on us.

She also stopped nursing at this time. We suspect because she couldn’t nurse and breath, but it was just another thing to cause stress. She takes a bottle fine, so it wasn’t like she wasn’t getting enough food, but I know Ashes wasn’t quite ready to stop.

Eventually she got over her cold, and is sleeping through the night again at least.

Next, Ashes is taking the kids up to Wisconsin for a week for Thanksgiving. I won’t be going because of work, and I’m having a lot of thoughts about that.