Baby shots

On Monday, Baby Abigail had a doctor’s appointment.

Everyone’s like, “oh, when they give your baby a shot, it’s going to be so sad, you’re going to want to punch the nurse, yada yada yada.” And, well, not really? It took 5 seconds, she cried for about 30 seconds, then chilled out again. Nothing really punch worthy going on here.

I sometimes worry that I don’t feel the right things, but in this case, I think I’m pretty justified in not getting upset. It was a fast, beneficial thing that she got over quick. Keep the violent urges for when you need them, people.

Anyways, yesterday was a weird day. Abigail is very expressive most the time. She wakes up most mornings with a smile and some chatter, and only stops when she gets tired. But yesterday she was just under a malaise all day. Maybe it was a reaction to the shots (I had a similar day after I got the flu shot last year). It probably was. She wasn’t upset, she didn’t cry more than usual, she just hung out. All my usual tricks couldn’t get her to pick up and smile.

I’m happy to report that today is more normal. As I unswaddled her and sang her the Baby Abigail Song, her mouth opened up into the cutest damn grin in existence. And that’s great. I missed my happy baby, and am glad she’s back.

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